The museum has a large collection of nineteenth century clothing. It includes some interesting military items including a Woodville Rifle Volunteer’s jacket dating from the 1880s. There are also a large number of christening gowns, one of which dates back to 1862.

Here are some examples:

Fully lined linen waistcoat (1880s)
This linen waistcoat was worn by Jimmy Edwards, a coach driver in Woodville in the 1880s. It is fully lined.
Silk petticoat
Silk petticoat worn by Constance Horne on her wedding day. She married Henry Palmer Horne, who was a Mayor of Woodville. This petticoat dates from late 1890s/early 1900s.
Post office cap
This cap belonged to a Woodville post office employee. It is a blend of cotton and wool. Date unknown.
Velvet cap
This smoking cap is made of velvet. Date unknown.
Black silk scarf with six tassels.
Black silk scarf with six tassels.
Fireman's jacket
This jacket belonged to a Woodville fireman pre 1940. The brass buttons give a clue to its age as after this date they were chrome covered.